Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Truth Uncovered?

It has been a very chilly summer at my campground - mostly because I'm on the south side of the lake and the winds usually come from the Northwest - right off the snow and glacier capped mountains and across the cold lake water and smack right into us.  The winds can get very strong and last all day, keeping things much chillier there than inland a few miles.  I have had recent days where I have been so cold in the early morning that I've had to get in my car with the heat on just to warm up to functioning abilities.  Now, all of a sudden yesterday and today it is like 90 some degrees!  What the Heck!?!?  Where did the mid 70's - low 80's go?  I was VERY specific when addressing the Weather Goddess on what was acceptable warmer temperatures (never even mentioned the word "Hot" in my description).

Some of my friends have asked what I've done to make the Weather Goddess hate me so. Best I can guess is that sometime in a past life I was a virgin sacrifice gone bad. Had hot, lusty sex the night before with all the priests so actually wasn't a virgin when pushed into the volcano's lava spewing cone - so now the Weather Goddess is getting even.  

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  1. People have complained all summer long that it's been too hot with us. Now the last few days it's been in the high 70s or low 80s and people are complaining it's too cold. You can never please everyone all of the time! I hope the rest of the summer has gone better. Oh, and i've done the drive down the Oregon Coast from Cannon Beach, down into northern CA as well. I still remember parts of that drive today.