Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fire in the Sky!

I apologize for the unrefined post here, but I am posting from my phone.

For those of you in the Southwest I hope you caught the massive meteor that shot across the whole sky around 7:00 MST.  To say it was amazing would be a huge understatement. I was bummed to have missed the Geminids Meteor Shower last week due the extreme cold we had, but this more than made up for that & more.

If you missed it, there are pictures & videos on the internet & I'm sure news stations will show footage. Do check out a good video of it if you can. It was like fireworks as pieces broke off in other directions.

What a way to say farewell to the long nights & usher in longer days!  THAT is exactly why i chose to live this life; to experience the unforgettable wonders nature has to show us.

(NOTE: The authorities have said this "light show" was debris from a Russian rocket re-entering Earth's atmosphere and not a meteor. Either way, it was still quite breathtaking to watch!)


  1. I heard the weather in the SW has been horrid. Hope you are enduring. I think you'll get a weather break in a day or so. I got the flu (still have it) before Xmas Eve and am fighting 103.8+ temps. I was even vaccinated a couple months ago. Ugh, talk about feeling miserable. I haven't been this sick in over 16 years. Sending warm and healthy thoughts to you as we approach the New Year!!

    1. Hi Angel,

      I am so sorry to hear you have been so sick & with the flu! I had the flu bug just before Christmas but am very grateful it only lasted 2 days & happened during our little warm up. But I'm with you, haven't had the flu in a LONG time. Now I know why I don't go out & get it more often ;-). I hope you are feeling much better now & able to enjoy some holiday cheer - or at least leftovers! (My favorite meal!).

      Yes, the weather here has taken a turn for the worse after being ushered in with the most horrible wind storm! Our meagerly warm temps just plummeted. But hearing what just got dumped on NM, i'm not going to complain! Egads - did they get wholloped!! We are supposed to warm up some by the end of the week though, so that is good. Are you getting warm temps again or are you where it is now just cold?

      Take care & get well soon! Stay warm & enjoy a hot bowl of soup for me! Sending you healing energy & magic for your new year!

  2. Love. Your homemade composting toilet from a few episodes back.Kudos

    1. Thanks Mark! It only took me 2 years to come up with the winning design. :-( But I like it very much - or as much as one can like a simple composting toilet.

  3. I'm bummed I missed that. Now, do we really believe the authorities on this? :-)

    One thing that takes some getting used to out here is the fact that it's still light out at 5 p.m. Back east, it would have been dark a bit after 4 p.m. But you're right, I need to remind myself, we are getting back to where days are going to get longer again.

    1. I was thinking the same thing Terri! I'm not sure if I really believe that it was Russian space junk!

      Yes, I have noticed that it is lighter longer down here in the Southwest than back home in the northeast. Kinda a nice bonus! I will be very happy when it is still light till 7 p.m.!

  4. Your epigram, "The most dangerous risk of all - the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet that you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later." is very similar to two quotes that actually changed my entire life (some 45 years ago)

    “And the bright horizon calls! Many a thing will keep till the world's work is done, and youth is only a memory. When the old enchanter came to my door laden with dreams, I reached out with both hands. For I knew that he would not be lured with the gold that I might later offer, when age had come upon me.”
    Richard MacCullough
    Viking's Wake

    "'I've always wanted to sail to the South Seas,” some men say, “but I can't afford it.'

    What these men can't afford is not to go. They are enmeshed in the cancerous discipline of 'security.' And in the worship of security we fling our lives beneath the wheels of routine--and before we know it our lives are gone.

    "What does a man need--really need? A few pounds of food each day, heat and shelter, six feet to lie down in--and some form of working activity that will yield a sense of accomplishment. That's all--in the material sense. And we know it. But we are brainwashed by our economic system until we end up in a tomb beneath a pyramid of time payments, mortgages, preposterous gadgetry, playthings that divert our attention from the sheer idiocy of the charade.

    "The years thunder by. The dreams of youth grow dim where they lie caked in dust on the shelves of patience. Before we know it the tomb is sealed.” - Sterling Hayden “Wanderer”

    Where did you get yours?

  5. Hi Richard,
    I'm glad you liked the quote/epigram. I actually collect them, have for years, from anywhere I find them. When I made my decision to change my life after losing my job a couple of years ago, so many "perfect" ones that affirmed my choice started showing up at every turn I made. That was one of them. My other favorite is "Things fall apart so other things can fall together." That was SO true - painful but true. We don't always remember the second part when our lives do fall apart.

    I am glad you found a couple of quotes that helped change your life. They can be very powerful. I am envious you were lucky enough to figure that out when you were still young. Though I figured it out when I was young, I lost sight of it as tried new things in the "traditional" way of living. It wasn't all bad, but I sometimes feel I missed out on a lot (but I did gain a lot too). No matter what path we choose at any point in our lives, we will always miss out on something. Something better? Something worse? We'll never know, but the real test is to be satisfied with what we did choose. Not always an easy test.

    Thank you for sharing some of your favorite quotes. I really enjoyed them. I wish you all the best in you life, what ever you chose. Are you a nomad too or wizened settled person?