Monday, December 21, 2015

Hello Again Light!

Wishing you Tranquility, Magic, and Inspiration 
on this Winter Solstice!


  1. One thing I will say is that the sunrises and sunsets in the southwest are just mind blowing. I think, back east, there is so much "noise" to the skyline that it takes away some of the natural beauty you would otherwise have. I love looking at the sunsets here, but lately, I have not seen as many, because it's so cold by the time I get home, I just go into my trailer, start feeding the herd, and hunker down for the night with the two space heaters cranking away. Can't wait for warmer temps again.

    1. I agree Terri, this is one of the best places to behold breathtaking sunrises and sunsets! I need to get my batteries charged so I can use my camera so I can really get some great pictures! My phone camera just doesn't capture the full color range. Up in Northern Ohio we'd get some gorgeous sunsets over Lake Erie. Miss those, especially because of the water! I bet you saw some amazing sunrises over the Atlantic! I'm sure I have missed some good ones lately too because of the cold or working late on my solar project.

      I am SO jealous that you not only have 1 but 2 space heaters! Oh, such joy that would bring. I have to admit, this cold weather and no heat is really starting to take a toll on my spirits. It has been cold without a break since Christmas Day! I knew I'd see some cold days and nights, but never expected it to be like it has been with such long stretches of cold. I'm with you on wanting some warmer temps - and SOON!