Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Oh Boy, A Surprise!

Guess what i got yesterday?

Go ahead, guess!

You'll never guess.

I got myself a flat tire!  Yep ANOTHER one!  I seem to be collecting them.  This one had a tiny screw in it.  I'm sure I got it the same place as the nail.  Of course I discovered the problem while camped a good 45+ miles from any sizable town & out of range for cell service. Between the can of Fix-a-Flat I had & the very wonderful camp host where I was camped who had a small air compressor, I managed to get to a tire store. They patched this one & I'm hoping it will hold until I get my first paycheck so I can get 2 more new tires.  In the meantime, I picked up a few more cans of Fix-a-Flat & a bike pump!!!  

I think Grania just wants new shoes all around!  Oh, life sure knows how to keep things exciting!

Got to my summer job site today.  I can't get into my campground campsite yet.  The Forest Service has to clear out some hazardous dead trees first, so I'm staying in another campground & will just go out daily to attend to things.  So nice to finally be here.  I'll tell you more about it after I get started  - today has been a long whirlwind of activities & I'm exhausted.   Plus I have a stack of paperwork to read through yet tonight before I go to bed.

I think it's gonna be a fun summer!


  1. Hi J!

    I loved catching up on your adventures!! I was hoping you were doing auntie things and enjoying yourself (but not too much not to come back to TD life!). Sure enough, you need your space like I do!

    Sorry about your flats. I was collecting cracked windshields there for a while. Ugh. Frustrating. Careful with the Fix-A-Flat stuff. Many tire places won't plug a tire that has that goo inside the tire. It's a pain to clean out.

    A patched/plugged tire will last a long while. No need to replace it unless it's for your own peace of mind. I think one truck tire of mine had 3 different plugs until I got something in the sidewall and then there's NO repairing that - new tires all around then (it was time).

    You can buy a tire plug kit and look on YouTube on how to plug a tire. Not pricey at all. A tire compressor will be better and ultimately less expensive than a bicycle pump. Remember that a completely flat tire needs a lot of volume of air. Even automatic compressors need to cool off after running continuously for several minutes through a 12 volt 'cig' plug (run your vehicle while using it). The plug will get hot - just be patient and let it cool off. I have an extension cord for 12v compressor plug (heavy duty) so it can reach the camper tires. Avoid the compressors with built in batteries or jump starters. The batteries go bad fast and they take up a lot of room. Hope this all helps!

    Dad taught all us girls how to fix flats and change tires. We always had these old VW Bugs that ran on retreads. They were always getting flats. I got pretty good at changing them. Of course, the weather was always funky when I got a flat! It's never happened on a sunny, nice day and it never failed that something dead or stinky was wafting in the air from a ditch nearby! Ew. Oh, and I always carry a crossbar lug wrench. I'm fairly strong, but there are times when I wasn't able to use the vehicle's lug wrench to get enough leverage to loosen the nuts. The crossbar lug wrench has been a lifesaver!

    I hope you get into your campsite soon! Stay away from those nails (and rogue stones that eat windshields).

    I look forward to hearing of your summer adventures!


    1. Hi Angel,

      Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I don't have internet where I'm at, and ran out of data so it's been challenging to do much of anything I need to do. I was lucky that the guy at Les Schwab not only cleaned out my tire but plugged it and didn't charge me. I had heard that stuff made a mess, but being stuck isn't much of an alternative. So far the plug is holding. I did buy a plug kit when I got a couple more cans of Fix-a-Flat, just in case. Hope I won't have to use any of it for a very long time! I went back and forth between a compressor and bike pump, but the bike pump was quick to pick up and cheap for now. I'll get a good workout if I have to use it (and quite possibly expand my range of expletives in the process!) ;O) Maybe down the road I'll invest in a compressor. I have a battery jumper already, so wouldn't need a compressor with one of those. Thanks for all the information on the compressor. You always have great advice and things to keep in mind. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom!!

      My dad and brother also showed me how to do a lot of things. Problem now is the cars have become so complicated and hard to fix yourself. Plus, like you, I couldn't get the darn lug nuts off to fix the first flat myself. Knew how to do it, just couldn't. I have a better lug nut remover on my "to get" list! I hate not being able to do something myself that I know how to do.

      Sorry you have been collecting cracked windshields lately. Not fun either, but at least the car is still drive-able, usually. I am at my campsite now, but am freezing! I get nervous driving my car anywhere anymore for rogue nails and screws. Hopefully I've met my quota for many years now.

      Hope you are well and enjoying the beginning of the summer. Do you have any camping trips planned? Hope you can get out and enjoy some time in nature.

      Hugs to you too!

  2. You're done with flat tires by now, right?! :-) I know from your facebook post, you are now at your own campsite - I hope it is working out for you and can't wait to see pics!

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying Terri, but you know what my technology limitations have been like. I so hope i am done with flat tires now. I hope to get the last 2 replaced before i leave in the fall so all 4 are good to go & i won't have to worry about them.