Thursday, May 12, 2016

Travel Log Catch-Up: Part 2

We left off with me being weary from driving for 5 days straight and also trying to avoid the wintry weather predicted for the mountains of Wyoming and Idaho.  After freezing my butt off in Arizona this winter (which unfortunately reconnected with me in Ohio), I wasn’t too keen on experiencing any more winter.  I wanted a nice, quiet, warm spot to hang out for a couple of days and just relax.  I headed to Southeast Oregon, to what I considered the most obvious place for me to go.  

While on my way, I traveled through expanses of land that appeared untouched by humans.  Nothing man-made for as far as the eyes could see.  
It was so surprising to me.  Probably more so since I was returning from the east, where I felt claustrophobic with buildings and people everywhere and like a shark in a feeding frenzy with all the hustle and bustle.  Yes, there is an energy and excitement in all that, but I found it wearing after only a few days.  I am one of those people who need wilderness and nature around me.  Well, I found it just outside Jordan Valley at a free BLM campground at Antelope Reservoir.  It was a beautiful spot.  The reservoir was full and immense, and the view of the valley was endless and wild.  The sunlight played on the hills like a chameleon, creating a new view every time I turned around to look and the night sky was stunning.

I got to the campsite early evening and had time to set up and hard boil some eggs I purchased on my way.  I know, I know, after my last experience trying to make hard-boiled eggs resulting in my Mutant Eggs, I swore I wouldn’t do it again.  BUT, I had gotten some good advice from several friends and I was ready to give it one more try . . . and IT WORKED!!  I ended up with 12!  YES 12 PERFECTLY cooked and peeled eggs.  I was giddy with excitement at my success.  Turns out I was cooking them too long and not cooling them enough before peeling.  The new method is boil for 10 minutes then dump into an ice bath and peel from that.  I’ll have to test this method a couple more times to be sure it is truly Jordan-proof, but I’m off to a good start. 

After I got done with the eggs and everything was cleaned up and put away, I watched as dark clouds gathered in the eastern sky.  They got more and more intense and were headed my way.  I love watching storms roll in.  However, this storm had a very unusual surprise off in the distance, something I’d never seen before – a rainbow shooting out of a mountain.  

After the overnight showers, I was greeted the next morning to an explosion of tiny purple flowers covering the ground.  I’m not sure what they are, but they reminded me of tiny purple and white flowers that used to pop up in our yard in spring that we called Spring Beauties. 

It turned out to be a lovely day, sunny, warm with a westerly wind.  I had some neighbors in a larger Class C motorhome come in after dark the night before, and in the morning the lady came over and asked if I'd like some breakfast, her husband had cooked too much.  Wow!  What a treat that was, and delicious too.  I like camping by people in larger rigs, they cook!  Unfortunately, the couple had just received bad news from their vet about their dog, he was in kidney failure at only 5 years old and they were spending some quality time with him before his passing.  

Later that day I finally got to wash my hair and then did something I’ve never done before – I cut my hair!  Sure, I’ve cut bangs and some off the front, but never all of it.  It had been over 1 ½ years since I had it cut and boy did it need to be cut.  I had watched some DIY videos before I left Ohio and thought it would be a good thing to learn to do myself so figured I’d give it a go.  Was it successful?  Well, it looks fine from the front.  I can’t speak for the back since I can’t see it, but it “feels” O.K. and the ends certainly look better.  I guess I’ll find out if someone tells me I should get a refund.

My second full day at Antelope Reservoir was a little too déjà vu for me.  In the early morning hours I found myself being rocked in my tearbaby by the wind, which only got worse as the day went on.  It was like the horrible windstorms from this past winter in Lake Havasu City.  The gusts were ferocious.  I was stuck inside all day, so I just curled up and enjoyed reading a book.  Unfortunately, there was no cell service for miles.  It was freeing not being tethered to my phone 24/7 but it was also frustrating not having access to internet to post anything to this blog or check weather or call my family or friends.  I had to keep reminding myself that I lived without a “smart” cell phone for most of my life and did just fine.  I hate that I’ve become so dependent on it and internet access.  

By evening, the wind finally died down, until the next morning when it started to kick up again and the temperature had dropped some.  I had already decided to leave and look for a new place with less wind, but which direction should I go?

To be continued, again . . . (we're almost caught up!)

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